This Life Forever Inc., is a family owned operation, based in Allentown, Pennsylvania and in existence for 8 years. We have endeavored to perfect our wine and spirit recipes. We have carefully designed our products, delivering top tier, end results. Our success has generated an increasingly growing number of individuals introduced to our premium products. With a current client list existing of over 300+ restaurants, bars and venues in Pennsylvania, we legally ship via Fedex all across the nation!


Mishka Honey Vodka

Mishka, in some cultures, is interpreted as honey bear in some instances and a cute pet name in others. Mishka, in our world, signifies a spirit with the undeniable spirit of a champion. From the enticing aroma of clean, natural honeycomb to the final sophisticated smooth sip, you can’t help but realize the purely natural essence of Mishka Honey Vodka. Our handcrafted vodka, while made in small batches, is appreciated in abundance, this is one bear bite you will thirst for time and again… Or in this case a “Mishka” bite.


Mishka Pure

To be or not to be… Pure, is the question. Pure is also the answer: Mishka Pure. A brand so dynamic it created it’s own color: Gluten Free Clear. There are many vodkas to choose from and very few stand out enough to leave a lasting impression. Mishka Pure is refreshingly clean and crisp, as if the heavens were raining vodka. They say the best things in life are free… Mishka Pure is Gluten Free… We’re definitely on to something.


Mishka Cranberry Vodka

From the enticing aroma of clean, natural cranberry to the final bouquet of the final sophisticated sip, you realize the purely natural essence of Mishka Cranberry Vodka! While our handcrafted, all natural, gluten-free cranberry vodka is produced in small batches, its appreciated in abundance.




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