This Life Forever Inc., is a family owned operation, based in Allentown, Pennsylvania and in existence for 8 years. We have endeavored to perfect our wine and spirit recipes. We have carefully designed our products, delivering top tier, end results. Our success has generated an increasingly growing number of individuals introduced to our premium products. With a current client list existing of over 300+ restaurants, bars and venues in Pennsylvania, we legally ship via Fedex all across the nation!
Starting with our first product in 2011, Breneá Sparkling Rosé, which gained great traction and still is requested and delivered upon request. Our premium line of Mishka, featuring our flagship Gluten-Free Honey Vodka along with our Gluten Free Pure Vodka and our new Mishka Cranberry Vodka! Mishka Honey Vodka has been awarded the 2017 and 2018 San Francisco World Spirits Silver Medal. Our Mishka Pure has taken the Gold in the 2018 San Francisco World Spirits. We are excited to bring new products to the market in the near future and continue to disrupt the industry with our Premium Products!