2018 Update! #DrinkMishka

Using a grassroots approach we have invested time in creating our unique premium formulas. Working as a team with watchful eyes we monitor every aspect of our operation. We use a hands on approach coupled with passion and dedication which secures our success that guarantees longevity.
We take great pride that our formulas are created, fermented, distilled, bottled, corked and labeled on our premises and made in the USA. We have perfected our wine and spirits recipes using all natural ingredients.
Our elite clientele enjoy the rich essence of our products while sharing in the excitement of our exponential growth. We enjoy servicing the world’s upper echelon.
The success we’ve gained is generated by the growing number of people who have shared in the experience of our premier product “Brenéa”, Sparkling Rosé.  Now with the well anticipated new release of our Naturally Flavored Mishka Honey Vodka and Organic, Gluten Free and Kosher, Mishka Pure.
TLF has networked, entertained and connected with A-List Celebrities, Professional Sports Players, and Exceptional Business Professionals who enjoy the delicious vibrant taste of Brenéa Sparkling Rosé Mishka Honey and Mishka Pure Vodka.


TLF Encourages you to drink responsibly…





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